Surfing in Kerry, How to predict good Surf on the West Coast of Ireland

Surfing Kerry Ireland Surf

Ireland has great Surfing and so has Kerry

Surfing in Kerry

Kerry has some of the most manificent surf in Ireland, from beginners beach breaks to the rocky reefs prefered by the top surfers.
Reef surfing in Kerry

Reef surfing in Kerry at Garrywilliam point, only for the most experienced surfers.
Surfing in Kerry

You can Surf in Kerry all year, most people use wet suits with 5mil body and 3mil in the arms. Head gear would be required in the colder months December to April.

For Surf predictions there are a few good web sites, I like Magic Seaweed - or -

Here you can get the wave height, wind direction and wave period along with tides. Don't forget the time of tides if you are surfing over Reefs or where there are strong Rips.

Getting Surfing lessons is the best way to get valuable information on what to avoid, rips, etiquette after that it is one of the most magnificent sports of activity you can do. I could go on for hours on the exciting and rewarding experiences you will get Surfing but its different for each individual. My advice is get lessons and get surfing.

Surfing in ireland