Muckross Abbey Killarney

Muckross Abbey Ireland

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Muckross Abbey Killarney Ireland

Muckross Abbey
Muckross Abbey is just minutes walk from Muckross House and Gardens. The abbey is the remains of an old gothic monastery and is originally known as the Monastery of “Eastern Way”. There are three of Irelands greatest ever poets buried within the abbey from Kerry and the fourth is buried in the graveyard. In the Chancel is the tomb of the last Earl of Clancarr, McCarthy Mór whom was King of Munster. The high tomb of O Donoghue’s is located beside McCarthy Mór and the grave closest to the wall behind is O Sullivan Mór. The monastery was last reconstructed in the 17th Century. Situated in the middle of the Abbey is the Yew tree which is said to be over 2,500 years old and was inspired by the Muckross abbey yew and based around the history of Killarney.

Yew tree Muckross abbey
Yew Tree inside the Cloisters at Muckross Abbey, is said to be over 500 Years old

Yew Tree Muckross Abbey

Yew tree outside Muckross Abbey